20+ years of cannabis Industry Experience


Kevin Johnston, Founding Partner

A true pioneer of online and integrated marketing, Kevin's track record includes positions with Time-Warner, IBM, Sony, Comcast as well as brands from Star Trek to Speedo. A patient himself for over 40 years, he understands the culture and market segments. He is the "big idea guy" and also leads collaboration sessions that get the whole team involved. We believe that open communication with shared goals and vision are keys to success.

Performance driven in-the-trenches marketing and new business development executive with over 40 years of  medical cannabis promotion and recreational marijuana legalization advocacy. Highly skilled at building cannabis brands, maximizing product life cycle performance and driving new business initiatives in California and Colorado.


Experienced at crafting master plans that delivers projects on-time and under-budget. Proven ability to identify a clear strategic vision and execute growth strategies in diverse fast-paced environments. Known for dynamic campaigns that emphasize digital marketing, engagement and retention across all consumer touch points, especially at retail & public events. 

Kevin is highly motivated, collaborative, entrepreneurial, customer-focused with a passion for growing the business.


Charles Gregory, Founding Partner

Award-Winning creative art director and designer for some of Hollywood's biggest projects, Charlie has his eyes and ears on the pulse of the industry with keen insight and vision for your project.

His commitment to breakthrough campaigns and hitting impossible deadlines has earned him a reputation as a vital creative asset. In addition, Charlie understands all facets of the medical marijuana industry; from cultivation to concentrate production, edibles and infused product creation and production.

advertising    brand marketing    package design 

Serving entertainment and technology clients since 1994, our team delivers everything from a simple logo to a complex trade show exhibit, eye-catching product packaging to elaborate point-of-sale merchandising, no job is too big or too small.  We are hands-on, realistic problem solvers who happen to be good listeners and creative with concepts and budgets. We have a track record of delivering measurable results for major companies and brands.

People who work with us, want to work with us again.

Our  projects  include   concept,  design  and production  for  all  print,  on  line  media,   packaging,  direct  mail,  and commercials. Charle's  skills  encompass   the  entire  range  of  art  directing  and  design,  pre  and  post  production.  

" Adapting  my  role  to  the  needs  of  my   clientele,  I  design, budget,  produce,  and  direct  a  diverse   array  of materials.  This  has  helped  me  to earn  a  reputation  of   being  a  hard  working  creative  asset  to  their respective teams.   I seek to bring that same enthusiasm and creativity to your company or  project.  A  successful  20-year career as  an  independent  creative  art  director  and  designer has  given  me  experience  and  insight   into  the realm  of advertising  and  new marketing  avenues."